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Syrian refugees

The violence and turmoil in Syria continues to escalate, and Syrians are fleeing in ever-greater numbers to surrounding countries. Most are leaving with few possessions and very limited ability to provide for their own basic needs. Southern Baptists are helping thousands of desperate families who have fled the violence in Syria—now totaling an...

LoveLoud Christmas backpacks

Impoverished children and youth in the Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River Valley are the focus of this LoveLoud outreach to neglected communities through the North American Mission Board. Their Mississippi River Ministry and Appalachian Regional Ministry work with more than 450 compassion ministry sites and church plants across 18 states....

Baptist Friendship House in New Orleans – feeding both physically and spiritually

Posted: 09/02/2014

When showing one of our teenagers at Baptist Friendship House our above the ground vegetable garden, I pulled up a weed from the garden and we began talking about the weeds that grow fast. You have to pull them out so that they won’t take over the vegetables and keep them from growing and producing vegetables. This opened the door for me to share how Satan tempts us and lures us into sin. Satan can be like a weed, try to take over our lives, keep us from growing, and keep us from being all that Jesus created us to be. I told her we have to...

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